I love reading and making things with cloth and yarn as well as hoarding cloth and yarn in the hopes of making more things than I could ever possibly have the time for. I have two daughters who are much smarter than I am. I have worked for a quilt supply company, a futon manufacturer, various fabric stores, a book store, a pet store, a paper shop that claims to have “the best coffee in town”, and at a catering facility as an underaged waitress. I am now a full time caregiver and educator to aforementioned daughters.

As I said, I love reading and I always like getting recommendations for books. Right now I am working on moving into a larger dwelling, with room to expand our home business and develop new products as well as have a lifestyle more like what I imagined my life would be like. Gardening, chickens, sunshine, etc.

View my page on Radical Unschoolers Network


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