Posted by: Michelle | October 13, 2009

life going in and out

This past week we lost our little budgie, Lemon even after two vet trips to try and sort her out. Then when I was at class Sunday Vinnie got out and tried to cross the road. I didn’t look at him, I only transferred his remains to Angel View (pet crematory) but I was told he was not visibly injured. I can only hope he died quickly, my favorite little fuzzy peach of a kitty. On top of all of this, I lost my grandmother Arlene 3 weeks ago and we gathered to bury her ashes on Saturday. She was my mom’s mom and a grandmother I only saw every couple of years (more and more space between those visits as she got older) and who I last saw at my mom’s funeral but I felt/feel such an attachment to her. I miss the women in my family so much. I still have extended family, my mother’s sisters and nieces and what a bunch of strong women, every time I am with them they teach me grace. My aunt and her youngest son (my closest-age cousin) stayed with me for two nights before the funeral and I really enjoyed having them here. There were moments when my aunt looked so much like my mom I got confused but I feel thankful to have the reminder. I never thought I’d se my mother’s eyes again, but in a way she lives on in her sister (maybe some would say she lives on in me too though we don’t physically resemble each other much). It all just gives me so much to think about, so much to feel grateful for.

On the topic of my home, today I was surprised by two eggs in the chicken coop, one green and one pink. They were on the floor since we don’t have nest boxes built yet (a whole ‘nuther story!) I put a banker box out there with some bedding but I hope Adam can get the coop finished soon. It was planned, and framed for, n exterior flap door to lift and collect the eggs so that I don’t have to open the coop door (which always lets chickens loose). Just now as I searched for any overlooked eggs Little Nose got out and had a free period in the yard before I was able to get her back. I had to stop letting them loose in the yard during the day since they have gotten SO much more daring and wandersome. They just leave for the neighbors’ yards. The guineas, Terrance and Patrice, are LOUD. Loud when they are out loose, loud when they are in their pen. I don’t think I would get them again. Since I don’t let them loose that often (sometimes the last hour of the day) they probably won’t offer us much tick protection. Oh well, live and learn.

I finally finished the girls’ sweaters:

I should blog about that in the knitting blog, but they are Silk Garden and Taiyo, both yarns by Noro.



  1. I’m sorry about your losses, especially the kitty. The girls must be heartbroken. Gorgeous egg from one of your hens! I hope there are many more!

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