Posted by: Michelle | June 24, 2009

No Grace in my heart, or home in this case

A little over 2 weeks ago, Grace slipped out of the house and has not been seen since. She had been outside before, the window in the basement has the sump pump line threaded out and she and Vinnie (her adult son) learned to nudge the window and get out. We let them get away with this for a while but Grace could not stop herself from bringing sometimes as many as four voles into the house a day. We then decided to seal the basement up and make them be once again indoor cats. About 2 days later she escaped and I suspect she thought she could get in again through the basement and couldn’t. The animal control officer was not hopeful “coyotes are all over massachusetts”, he said “they have their puppies now”. Still, his answer didn’t then and still doesn’t feel right – yes, a few people I know have lost cats to coyotes but they were elderly cats, slower and sometimes with health problems. Grace is in the prime of her life, fast as lightning and with long sharp claws that can climb up 20 feet of tree without breaking a sweat.

I kept looking, I put up signs, called all the local shelters and vets. No one has found her but they have my name and number if they do. I was listening to a song I keep on most of my mix tapes, Joni Mitchell’s “Man From Mars” (off the Grace of My Heart soundtrack, sung in this case by Kristen Vigard though Joni also released the track on her Taming the Tiger album). I remembered reading that she had written the song about a lost cat so I looked the story up and found it very inspiring:

“He was gone for 18 days, and like a method actor I took the pain of his absence and wrote the song ‘Man from Mars.’ Even in the mix you can hear it. I had been out there listening for him and my ear was hearing three miles away. It is the deepest mix that I ever did, with little sounds going way, way, way back into the mix…

“So I finished the song. It took me 7 days, and on the 18th day he came back. He stayed away just long enough for me to write.”

This gave me hope that 2 weeks was not too long for a cat to stay away, that she might still come back. I told Zella and she wrote her own song to try and bring Grace back. However, the magical 18 days have passed, and Grace is still nowhere to be found. I miss her so much. Read the lyrics to the song, Zella changed “Man from Mars” to “Kitty of Ours” in her version. I can’t listen to this song without bursting into tears:

Since I lost you
I can’t get through the day
Without at least one big boo-hoo
The pain won’t go away
What am I gonna do?
Man From Mars
This time you went too far

I fall apart
Everytime I think of you
Swallowed by the dark
There is no center to my life now
No grace in my heart
Man from Mars
This time you went too far

I call and call
The silence is so full of sounds
You’re in them all
I hear you in the water
And the wiring in the walls
Man from Mars
This time you went too far

Grace with baby Vinnie

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