Posted by: Michelle | June 21, 2009

batten down the hatches

I don’t know how this can be for real. I wonder if there will actually be some sun in there, the forecast is wrong so often. Unfortunately, we took the chickens’ run apart yesterday so they are coop-bound – and in wet weather like this I can’t exactly let them loose in the yard because no way am I going to stand out in the rain with them all afternoon AND then chase around trying to grab wet chickens in the evening. Plus, because it is raining Adam is unwilling to put the run back together. They might have to be locked in the coop until next Sunday! I also built a little coop-within-a-coop to keep the little chickens (Bootsy and Rocky, plus Pat and Terry the Guineas) separate from the pullets so they won’t get pecked to death. This way the big chickens can see them and hear them (get used to them) but not be able to abuse them the way they do. Also, it means all chickens are now out of my bathroom! If it wasn’t so cold, wet and gloomy out I would take a picture of the coop interior. There is a solid top to the kinder-coop and of course the pullets sit on it and poop all the time. When we put in the windows I am definitely going to make window seats since they love lounging on small ledges.

I hope we don’t a. go absolutely nuts during this week of rain and b. that our yard and basement don’t flood. Oh and my vegetables! I hope they don’t get moldy and bad. I picked a bunch of broccoli, two huge bowls of baby lettuces and some peas this week.

Well, here are some pictures from a recent SUNNY day:

Girls in matching dresses!


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