Posted by: Michelle | May 31, 2009

birds in the bathroom

So my 6 ameraucana chickens have been living in my downstairs bathroom for the past 5 weeks; first in a fish tank, then in a bigger fish tank and now a ferret pen on the floor. Then I added two more chicks last week so they needed their own space and I set up the smaller fish tank brooder again. Yesterday I got two guinea fowl keets (straight run) and I put them in with the small chicks but the bigger chick really pecks on the guineas so I then moved the two chicks (who are totally bonded to each other and cannot be separated) into the big fish tank. Today I had to go back to the Agway/garden center to get supplies for having two brooders. Now my bathroom is completely full to bursting of birds.

The outside pen is done including the chicken wire on top to keep hawks out so the older pullets can be outside all day while we work as quickly as possible to finish the coop. Adam is taking two vacation days this month to finish it. I don’t think it will be finished though, there is still so much to do. I think it will be another two weekends on top of this week.

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