Posted by: Michelle | January 20, 2009

gardens and food

Sunday I decided very on-the-spot to make a brunch for everyone. I cut op the aging potatoes into home fries with fried onions and shallots, made omelets, bacon and toast with jam. Even with just two burners in a terrible old oven I find it much easier to cook in my own house. I love having a dining room even if it i difficult to keep the room clear since it is the also the entry to the house. I do wish the girls were better able to entertain themselves, sometimes I wonder if they would even notice if I threw out every toy in the house. It seems they never, ever play with toys but rather follow me around. Maybe it will be easier in the spring when we are not so cramped in and crazy with cabin fever.

I am planning the spring garden and have ordered 6 chicks for April so we can have eggs. The seed catalog are pouring in now, and the number of varieties is so staggering and overwhelming I almost want to give up thinking about it. I am going to keep it small this year, 2 raised beds and a few trees (lilacs and fruit) and think about the ground covers and perennial gardens next year after I have experienced a full four seasons here. I am still not sure where I might be able to get full sun in my yard. I know the sun is at a dramtically different angle in th winter, but even in the aerial photos for the maps there are only a few places in full sun, including the leaching field – I can’t grow much on a leaching field. Only the most shallow-rooted plants and even then… ick. I thought we could simply re-purpose the paddock area since it has had years of horse poop dropped on it but I don’t predict that it is going to get even 4 hours of sun, never mind the 8 needed for most vegetables. Plus I can see that it has a lot of standing water in the spring and fall. I might put the raised beds right outside the back door. The chicken coop might be moved around, or it may be permanent, I haven’t decided yet.

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