Posted by: Michelle | December 21, 2008

moved, in the past tense finally

I don’t know that I have ever gone through anything exactly like this before. I have moved at least two truckloads of stuff into a bare house. The whole autumn was so incredibly insane and whirlwind I feel like I am hungover. From the whole hassle with the loans and the constant photocopies and travelling an hour to the mortgage rep’s office with grumpy children and the inspections and insurance and moving vans and mops and buckets and lost cats and lost keys (not to mention no one thinking we could do it) and now here I am for the first time in many years living in a space where there is room for everyone to have their own stuff. Somehow I made it happen, and the house is almost finished. There are a few dozen other tasks which need to take place, changing the faucet here, a toilet seat there etc. but the house is almost done. I knew it would be a lot of work going in and I was right. There is just no way to move without it being a real tragedy of time and ATP spent lifting, dragging, attending and fretting.

For the first month, Milly pretty much followed me around crying all the time. She didn’t know what to make of the place, and although she loved running around in the open spaces she was confused and came to me constantly for comfort. She is calming down now and plays for a little bit buy herself, and often with Zella. Zella goes outside much less than I thought she would tough I admit there have been more rainy and now snowy days than sunny ones. It is still a struggle to convince her to get dressed for the weather, she hates wearing socks and shoes and hates warm pants even more. She would wear dresses over her Crocs sandals forever if she could. There is a lot of work to do with the barn, and the basement but we are getting the living areas really workable and I think another week we can declare that part of the house done and move on the simply maintenance. I have been waiting 10 years to get to “maintenance”! We have been so cramped for so long, and I moved in to a full house to begin with so coming here with 1000 more square feet of space, and the enormous purging of goods that happens when people move (and most of the purging, I discovered, happens as I unpack – packing was too rushed to make decisions, now I am throwing stuff away at leisure) it really and truly feels like a new beginning. Finally!

We had flu the week before and week of Thanksgiving but still managed to pass a lovely holiday with my dad. We had a turkey from a local turkey shop, already cooked (I had to re-heat it rather than cook it but it still took 3 hours), potatoes, squash and green beans. Lots of pumpkin pie. Adam missed a lot of work from moving and then being sick but he is catching up now. Every time I got the rooms cleaned out more of our stuff would arrive, screaming to be dealt with one time (put it away or throw it away!) which has stretched everything out perhaps longer than it needed to be.

So much other stuff has happened, it is all jumbled together in the mess of this move. I have to sort that out now too.

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