Posted by: Michelle | October 29, 2008

everybody moves

It is true, everyone has to move some time. People with more belongings than us, people with more heavy furniture, more valuable belongings, all of the above. Everyone moves. So why am I finding it so incredibly difficult? I made this happen; from two people in debt with hideous credit and a mediocre income to two people with paid off debt, decent credit and a great income to two people with all of the latter, signing on a new house. I made this happen. Like nearly all of the moves in my life, this one is a happy one; from a problem place to a better place. Yet I am finding the process of moving , the hard work and the upheaval devastating as I have in the past. I see why people stay in the same miserable homes years after things have gone south. I see why people die in the same inadequate little starter homes they bought at age 22. I get it now.

My dad came over last week, took a look at the mountains of boxes and cookie crumbs all over the floor and said, “this is almost a tragedy” – it does feel like a kind of tragedy though of course it isn’t. We love our new house. We love our great yard and quirky barn. But somehow we have managed to drag out this move – instead of ripping a bandaid off, this is like pulling it off slowly, one agonizing arm hair at a time. It is so hard to see the big picture; our old place barely looks like we have even started packing though we have been working on it for over a month. The movers bring our heavy stuff Sunday but there will so much more detritus left even after that.

That is not even getting into the amazing amount of hard work required to unpack this place. There just aren’t enough SpongeBob dvds in existence to keep these kids occupied enough even to lay down some contact paper on the ancient cupboards in the kitchen. We have not even begun yet.

I find that my mind is aggressively drifting into diversion – I am focused inwardly on totally unrelated things, revisiting and rewriting history to suit my needs. I just want this to be over so I can come back to the present.

See Adam’s flickr stream as well as my new house set to see progress, or lack of.

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