Posted by: Michelle | October 1, 2008

moving soon…

…but you’d never know it. I don’t know why I can’t get the energy up to packing. The task just seems SO amazingly huge. It IS amazingly huge. One would think that the more a person wants to move, the more eager they would be to pack up and go but that is not necessarily the case. When I moved from my townhouse out west to here, I was very eager to move but I had to do the packing and moving alone and it was nearly impossible to get going with it. Subsequently a large portion of my personal belongings were abandoned there, something I still feel awful about all these years later. I was still tossing stuff into boxes as the movers were there and they finally said, “that’s it we are going!” so whatever didn’t make it onto the truck had to be picked up later; Adam and I went back in 2 separate cars (him driving my car and me driving my dad’s) to fit whatever we could in there but that still left a lot of stuff. The movers were also shitty and broke a lot of my furniture. The move 7 years before that (to move into the townhouse) was nearly as bad, there was a blizzard and my stuff had been in storage for 2 years at that point so it was dusty and cobwebby. Both of these moves had something in common which makes me think this might be a common scam of some sort. Both were less expensive movers from the newspaper or similar claiming to have a large moving truck and 2 or 3 guys. BOTH called the day before the move saying “sorry the truck broke down so we can’t do it… unless you want to rent your own truck”. It seems too much of a coincidence that both times these cut rate movers had the same thing happen. My dad is looking into getting a mover for us, and I warned him away from these fly by night places that I suspect do not actually have their own trucks.

I have packed maybe 2 boxes. Adam has packed up approximately 35 book boxes already and that has barely dented the library. I think we are going to have to unload the books then come back with the empty boxes to pack up the rest! This would be feasible except for the fact that we will probably not have shelving set up for some times. We are not going to move all at once. We close on the 17th and the owners have 24 hours to finish their move and get their animals (horse, ducks, etc) out to their new house. Then on the 18th to 21st or thereabouts, we are going to come in and PAINT as many rooms as we can because we know that if e move in first, we will never paint. I am having a hard time deciding on colors. A really hard time. Then I am scheduling a cleaning service to come as soon as we finish that and get the painting detritus moved out, and at that time I will plug in a whole bunch of Feliway diffusers. After the cleaning service the internet is installed, we will ideally be getting a plumber right away to add washer/dryer hookups to the first floor bathroom (we don’t fare will with basement laundry!) and we will be starting to bring stuff over with my dad’s trailer hitched to Adam’s truck. Adam is going to bring his own horns and tools, we will probably move the lighter weight stuff and computers and really fragile/breakable things. Sometime in there baby gates need to be installed at the top of the stairs both on the second floor and above the basement stairs, and we will put litter boxes where they need to go (I am thinking basement only, this may require a kitty door). Then we will (fingers crossed) have a real moving van to haul the heavy furniture, insanely heavy washing machine and dryer combo (they are stacked and cannot be separated) and the 60 or so book boxes and other crap. My fabric and sewing furniture also weigh a lot. The girls have a play kitchen that weighs a ton, it was so difficult getting it in here, almost as hard as the couch. I am really worried about stuff getting broken since it will be a decade before we can afford to replace anything. While the movers are moving stuff in, I guess the cats will just be in their carriers somewhere (?)

After all that, we still won’t be moved out completely – Adam will then have to go through the attic and move out what is ours. He doesn’t want to do this while we still live here because of the loose asbestos up there. Anything not protected from the dust up there we will toss. Somewhere in all this there is supposed to be a yard sale.

Because this whole ordeal seems so daunting, I am having a hard time mustering up any motivation. The bigger the job, the more I respond with fight or flight.


  1. I think I understand… on a smaller scale, at least. I dreaded the packing when we moved in August. My biggest issue was that once the boxes were packed, I didn’t have anywhere to put them. I had to toss my bed weeks before moving in order to have space for the boxes. Anyway, I was happy with my moving company, and will pass the contact info to you, if you want. No truck bailout. Greeley also spoke highly of her movers from a year ago, you may also want to ask her.

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