Posted by: Michelle | August 17, 2008

wishy washy saturday

Today was another wash. I suppose Adam has his projects and made progress on them but I didn’t do anything but sneak a nap in. It is funny how I don’t really get weekends off, but I still look forward to them with an almost insane glee because at least most of the time there is someone else here, someone with a driver’s license. Someone that, even if he is totally resistant, I can hand everyone off to if I absolutely must. So I did that and took a nap. We watched Goonies because Adam saw it for $5 at Target and thought Zella would like it – she did – but I was annoyed by the archaic and ignorant dis on asthmatics at the end. Like, the boy (Sean Astin) starts to “grow up” and tosses his inhaler aside mid-attack saying, “ah, who needs it!” I wonder if I noticed that when I first saw the movie?

We are behind on the orders and it is almost too stressful to talk about half the time. It is so hot in the attic and when it rains, too humid for the plastics to cure right. Also we are nervous about the asbestos up there. It would be so much easier if we had the space.

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