Posted by: Michelle | August 16, 2008

Late day

Today was a late day, everyone slept late and moped around then napped. I kind of hate those days. When Adam came home I decided we should go to the Blick art store because I got interested in artist trading cards and I wanted to look for some appropriate sized card stock (lord knows we need another hobby!). No one there had ever heard of ATCs so we ended up getting several large sheets of foam core board and some plastic vellum type sheets to make a light box such as this one, and Zella got a kids book on making rubbings. Milly just hates that store and always wants to leave as soon as she gets in it. We did get a couple nice varieties of Silly Putty, and she liked the eggs. The baseball game that plagues the city let out at exactly the moment we left the store so it took just about a full hour to drive the 3 miles home. That was extremely trying in the rain.

Now it is nearly 4:30 and Adam has been up until just about 10 minutes ago working on the light box. We have taken over the kitchen table to hold and light the box (it has an overhead hanging fixture we installed there years ago). So now we have taken over the full dining room, the part of the attic that has the asbestos, and nearly half the kitchen. Moving has become almost an emergency. There is barely enough room for the people any more!

There is a Blythe Meet tomorrow which I don’t see how we can possibly get to. I never know if people want to have kids there or not and it is so awkward. How do I explain to a 6 year old that mommy can’t take her to a DOLL PARTY? We will most likely sleep incredibly late and finish the light box.

Oh also today we had a 6th birthday party for Gizmo (a toy from the movie Gremlins that Zella adores) complete with number 6 candle and birthday cake. It was a impromptu purchase, right there in the bakery aisle, and the birthday was suddenly “remembered” there too.

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