Posted by: Michelle | August 14, 2008

blogging about blogging – so 2008

What I should be doing is keeping a paper journal like I did from 1983 until late 2001. The public journal option has been successful because it relies on community and feedback but without that, what is the point? I stayed with LJ as long as I did because it offered a strong advantage over the others: the ability to make journal entries that were visible only to those I knew. This allowed me a place to vent about people in my life without them being able to read and therefore without angering anybody. LJ allows for deeply personal, emotional and revealing writing but I have come to feel that this is the writing others are least likely to want to read. The only benefit I can see to making personal, heartfelt and revealing blog posts is for the camaraderie and feedback – similar to having a personal discussion with a friend, or friends in your kitchen (or, of course, a session with ones therapist). However these are the very posts that most likely result in silence on “the other end” which is usually the opposite of what would be happening in that kitchen with that close friend. I find I cannot handle that. It *shouldn’t* matter, but it does. I ought to be able to keep writing there anyway, for the sake of the venting and reflection, but the popularity game and the rejection still bother me, and take up an embarrassing amount of my thoughts. The “post to friends” option is too tempting, and I find myself laying my feelings out there in a way I otherwise would not, and then expecting feedback. When the feedback doesn’t come, my feeling of rejection is disproportionate. I feel that the better option is to keep my blogging public, limited to public topics and return personal writing to my private journal and to my kitchen table discussions. I will miss being able to tell the stories I used to tell without worry those in the story would read my version, but then that time has probably passed. Maybe that is what NaNoWriMo is for.

Hm, I admit that doesn’t leave me with much to write about. I am not a “ditl” kind of person, though maybe I can change that.


  1. Hey,

    How do I set this up as an RSS feed? Or can I even do that? I want to keep reading you!

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